Sunday, June 27, 2010

One year ago today…


One year ago today we got “the call” from our daughter’s birthmom’s caseworker.  She left us a message that said she had a case she wanted to discuss with us.  We tried calling back and got voicemail and had to wait all weekend until Monday morning to find out the news….talk about it being hard to wait!  You can tell by the looks on our faces (that picture was taken the very next day when we saw the words “linked with a birthmom” under our photo on the website) that we were so very happy!

Today (exactly one year later) we spent the day with Zoe’s birthmom and her family at the zoo.  It was such a great day!  We spent close to 4 hours with them and had a wonderful time.  They took turns holding her and she just had so much fun.  We are really happy that they got to see how much Zoe has grown since they saw her in March.  She has 6 teeth now, for starters!  We are so happy that they took the time to meet with us and hang out, and they said they were really happy, too.  It was such a fun day.  

So, that was our big day!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Adoption Day!!!!

Well, it’s official!  Zoe is now Zoe Marie OurLastName!  Today was the day her adoption was finalized in court, and it was such a wonderful day!

Adoption Day June 4 2010 047 - Copy - Copy

These are just a few pictures from our day!

This is the moment when Zoe’s adoption became official:

Adoption Day June 4 2010 300 - Copy - Copy

Posing with the judge:

Adoption Day June 4 2010 302

Posing with Heidi, our caseworker:

Adoption Day June 4 2010 305-1

  A very tired little girl after a hard day at court!Adoption Day June 4 2010 031 - Copy - Copy

Pictures from our lunch afterwards (The restaurant has a New Orleans’ theme – that’s why some of us are wearing beads in the pictures!) : Adoption Day June 4 2010 032 - Copy - CopyAdoption Day June 4 2010 049Adoption Day June 4 2010 028-1       

Adoption Day June 4 2010 044 - Copy - Copy



Adoption Day June 4 2010 048 - Copy - Copy



Adoption Day June 4 2010 035 - Copy - Copy

We had SUCH a great day from start to finish!  We feel so very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter.  We couldn’t be any happier that we made the decision to adopt – our family has grown in so many ways!  I got tears in my eyes when the judge started the hearing – I just couldn’t believe that we had come so far.  I’m so happy that Steve is my husband – he has been right by my side, every step of the way.    We’re so lucky that we have such a  fantastic family that  supported our decision to adopt as well as have an open adoption.  And of course, we’re so grateful and thankful that Zoe’s birth mom decided to ask us to be Zoe’s parents.  

Happy Adoption Day, Zoe!