Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Last Thursday was really nice here – the snow was actually melting.  It was warm enough where you could actually be outside and it was comfortable.  Zoe and I decided to get outside for the day, and we went to the zoo.




We had a great day – I  think we were there for at least 3 1/2 hours.  She asked lots of questions and kept wanting to see more “aminals.” 

I don’t know if it was the weather change or just coincidence, but Friday the sniffles started for her.  Steve and I had plans to run to dinner and a store.  My sister, Janice, babysat, and Zoe was very low-key.  Definitely not her usual, playful self. 

By Sunday afternoon she was really sniffly and starting to get that ‘croaky’ sound to her voice.  She was coughing a lot because of her runny nose, and I ended up sitting up with her for quite a while that night.  She kept saying, “I sick…”  She could sleep if she was up in my arms.  She stayed home from preschool on Monday and took it easy.  We stayed home yesterday and it seemed like she was feeling better, but last night she started coughing again.  She coughed off and on throughout the night.  I kept her home from preschool again today because I really felt like maybe she needed the extra day to feel better.  She’s napping (hopefully) right now.  I think it is just a cold at this point (she had a sinus infection back in November and this hasn’t been as bad as that.)  I have been extra cautious, though, because I know the flu has been so bad this year.

I am hoping that she is on the mend soon.  We are supposed to go see her birth-grandma, grandpa, and uncles this weekend.  We are not sure of all of the details, but it sounds like they are preparing for a move out of state.  I had written about Zoe’s birthmom  moving out of state a couple of months ago, too.  It’s hard.   We had been used to more frequent visits – this past year was every 2-3 months or so – with Zoe’s birthmom so it’s been a change.  We’re hoping to see her when we can work out a visit between Steve’s work schedule and her school schedule.  We think of her so often, and Zoe talks about her, too.  She points her out in pictures around our house and says her name when we see almost anything Hello Kitty.  (They both love Hello Kitty….love that they share that.)  We all miss her.

Change is hard sometimes, isn’t it?  I like to think I am a very flexible person, but I think that change is still difficult.  Hoping that all of these changes for Zoe’s birth mom and her family are all really positive and lead them in directions that make them happy.  Because really that’s what’s important.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 Best of Open Adoption Blogs

2012 best of open adoption

Heather Schade who blogs at Open Adoption Bloggers has just announced The Best of Open Adoption Blogs 2012.  She encourages bloggers to submit a piece of their own work from that previous year as well as nominate another blogger whose writing you admire.  I submitted a piece that I wrote about Insecurities and Doubts about Adopting.  Recently I had read a post by Jenna from The Chronicles of Munchkinland.  I wanted to recognize her work,  particularly her post entitled This Year’s December Goal:  To Be.  There are so many great blogs out there about open adoption -  I highly recommend checking out the list of blogs written by adoptees, birthmothers, and adoptive mothers!