Monday, April 28, 2008

The fun begins...

I had my cd3 bw and u/s today. They said my estrogen was 53.7 and my FSH was 6.7. When the tech checked my follicles, she said I had 7 under 8mm. I'm wondering if 7 is kind of low and if this is my official antral follicle count. (Questions I should have asked then, but didn't.) I start bcp tonight. The IVF nurse is out of the office until May 5th, so when she gets back she'll write up the rest of my protocol and give it to me. I'll most likely be on bcp for about a month before I start any actual shots.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cycle #22 and Waiting...

I'm still waiting for my next cycle to start. Once that starts, I can start taking birth control pills to begin the next IVF cycle.

This whole waiting thing is not easy.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spoke with RE's office

We may be trying IVF one more time. We did not get approved for the study, but our RE is going to try to work with us on our next IVF. Her office manager is reducing some of the fees for us. We were happily surprised - We both feel like we're being given another chance and we need to try it. It looks like it may be the June cycle.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Follow Up with the RE

We had our follow-up appointment today with Dr. K.

She told us that out of the patients that had negative results this cycle, she was shocked that we were one of them.

She said at one point, I had a dip in my estrogen level but that it could have been an error with the machine that reads the equipment. (It said my estrogen had dipped from roughly 2,000 to 1,000 but then next bloodtest it was back up to over 2,000.) She wasn't really concerned because I still produced follicles and they were growing and at the right size. I know at one point they upped my estrogen, too, so that's probably the day she was referring to.

She said that she was surprised by the lower number of follicles/eggs that we got. I had 12 follicles and only 8 eggs. She said that could be due to statistics or it could be due to my age. She said the same thing about our other 5 embryos not making it to FET. She was surprised that we didn't have any make it.

I asked her if she thought I had problems with implantation. She said it's hard to know. My tests for my lining were fine. She said that there is research being done right now on implantation and what things might be indicators of problems, but there's still a lot they don't know.

She said that she thought we should try again if we wanted to and that we have a very good chance of it working. She started to mention about me participating in a study, and I told her I was going to ask her about that, too. She said they might have a couple studies coming up, including an internal study where they would be looking at hormone levels. She said we would still have to pay some fees but the overall fee would be reduced. We said it was definitely something we would consider.She mentioned possibly increasing my Menopur (and maybe the Bravelle) or doing something called micro dose flare which I think she said is a different Lupron dosage.