Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Adoption Day 2011, Zoe!

One year ago today we were in a courtroom, not too far from our home.  We stood before a judge and we legally became Zoe’s parents.  It was such an exciting, emotional day…

Adoption Day June 4 2010 019

The judge had literally just gotten back from vacation…can you see the sandals still on her feet?!  I remember her asking us if we understood all of the responsibilities that went along with legally becoming her parents and if we would accept them.  We couldn’t have said yes any faster than we did!  It was such a wonderful day. 

Here’s another pic from that day and one that was taken today:

    Adoption Day June 4 2010 001IMG_0882

Last year we bought Zoe a charm bracelet in honor of the day and we bought a little letter “z” charm for it.  Today we went back to the same store and bought a little heart charm that says “love” on the other side.  My parents and my sister,  Janice, gave Zoe cards, and my sister, Tracy, gave her a handmade treasure box and a copy of The Giving Tree (one of our childhood favorites.) 

We wanted to do something special today…we went to a festival that was happening nearby.  They had lots of music, kids and adults performing dance routines, crafters and vendors, and farm animals for the kids to see.  Zoe loved running up and down the street (it was closed to traffic for the day.) 






She really did have sunscreen on!  I know her poor little arms look so pink in that last shot.   After that we came home and Zoe went in her little pool in our backyard.  She had so much fun splashing the water everywhere.  I can’t wait to go to our local pool this year – she’s going to have so much fun. 

After swimming we headed up to the outdoor mall where we bought her the charm I mentioned, had dinner, and played on a playground that is at the mall.  She had so much fun running around with the other kids.  After that we headed home, and it was time for her to go to bed.

Neither of us can believe that a year has already gone by.  Every day we have seen her grow and change so much.  Today she opened the gift from her Aunt Tracy, and she said, “Oh, cool!”  That’s the first time she’s ever said that word before.  Too cute.  We’re just so very proud of her and so amazingly happy to be her parents.

Happy Adoption Day, Zoe!