Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The last week of August? Already?

My last post is dated July 16th.  How is that even possible?  I can’t believe it’s pretty much been a month and  a half since the last time I wrote.

We are all doing well.  It’s been one of those months (summers?) where it was just a blur.  Right after our trip to the lake around the 4th of July, Zoe started swimming lessons.  She was so brave – jumped in the pool (shallow end and deep end), swam across the pool with the help of a lifejacket and a pool noodle, went down the water slide, and jumped off the diving board multiple times.  It’s amazing how much they learn in such a short amount of time. 


We had many get togethers with  friends – trips to the park, bowling, swimming, hanging out at each others’ houses.  We were beyond busy.

We had a big trip out to the East Coast in the middle of August.  We visited family and friends and hopped from one house to the next.  Zoe was an amazing traveler.  I loved watching her interact with her cousins, her aunt and uncle, her grandma (Mom-Mom) and her two great-grandmothers.  I loved seeing her playing with our friends’ kids, too.  She was so sweet with all of them. 

Portraits taken with the cousins, lunches out, barbeques, playtime in a bouncy house, a trip to the zoo and a splash park…


Super hero mini golf…I mean, really…Who doesn’t wear their cape to the golf course?!?


Mini pedicure with her Mom-Mom…(she’s making such a goofy face…)


A trip to the bowling alley with our friends…love this picture


And an amazing day at the sculpture garden…




This one (below) took my breath away…I’ve always loved the Monet painting that it is based on…


Making music with friends…


A family picture of our friends on the Japanese bridge…


And in classic Zoe style…a family picture of us, too.


After 9 days, we returned home and had a house guest and a wedding to prepare for - I’ll have more to share soon…sorry it has been so so long.