Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Letter from our agency

We have to attend a mandatory meeting next Monday at our agency. The topic of the meeting is how adoption (in general) isn't going very well right now. It's not exactly the kind of letter we were hoping to get, especially after just finishing our home study.

The letter said that the numbers of domestic adoptions has been down lately. We knew that our agency had placed fewer babies (for domestic adoption) during the past year. They said that not only have they had fewer couples looking to adopt, but they have also had fewer expectant mothers seeking adoption for their babies. In addition to all this, international adoption hasn't been on the rise, either. It has been experiencing it's own issues as well.

I don't have any specific answers right now. I don't know exactly what they are going to discuss. I'm just hoping that they aren't going to make major changes to either their domestic or international adoption programs at this point.


Joanna said...

Hey Wendy,

Ben is going to the meeting too.. so maybe you guys will see each other. He is going at 6pm. I read on another blog, that OUR agency was not closing or anything like that. However, I am not sure how good of a source it is. I know comments have been in the past about how staying informed is helpful, so I am choosing to believe we are going to get information.

Also, we have a contact for you guys that used OUR agancey before domestically and are in process again. They agreed to connect with you, if you are open to it. It has been so helpful for us to have a community of people.

Happy New Year!

Kristen said...

Oh Wendy, I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that next Monday's meeting isn't all "doom and gloom" when it comes to the world of adoption. Please let us know how it goes!!!

Tara said...

Wendy - I hope that the meeting goes better than you are feeling now.

Wendy said...

Joanna -- Thank you so much for responding. I just left you a comment on your blog, too, just in case you didn't check back here. Thanks for making me feel better about our agency - I appreciate it. Sounds like we are going to the same meeting, so maybe we'll get to meet Ben. We would love to talk/email with the couple you mentioned. You can give them our email or phone number if that works - I think you have both. If not, let me know. I hope that we can get together with you guys at some point, too. Maybe we can get both of our families together - (or at least the ones that are local!) - and hang out one of these days. It would be nice to see you all.
Thanks so much!

Kristen - Thanks for checking in on us. I hope it's not all negative, too. I really like our agency; I hope we get to continue to work with them just as we have so far.

Tara - Thanks - I hope it goes better, too.

Karen said...

I'm sorry that you're feeling worried, Wendy. I hate that there are so many ups and downs with adoption. After dealing with the heartache of failed IVFs, you just wish adoption could be more straight forward. I had heard that international adoption was experiencing some difficulties. I had no idea that domestic adoption was as well. I hope the meeting helps to ease your mind and gives you some more answers. No matter the situation, I've always found that information is a good thing. It makes me feel a bit more in control. I know it's an illusion, but still. . . Sending you hugs and good thoughts.

Erin said...

Hoping the meeting goes better than you anticipate. Keep up posted!

E :)

Lost in Space said...

Huge hugs, Wendy. After all you have been through with IF treatments, I truly hope your journey to adopt can be easier.

I'm sorry you are so worried and hope that the agency is able to calm your nerves a bit. I do like that they want to get everyone there so you are all on the same page with what is happening.

I'm praying there are no setbacks. Thinking of you!

Polly Gamwich said...

What? No!! Do you think it has to do with the economic down turn? I would think adoptions would increase ... more women feeling like they don't have the resources to care for a child ... it doesn't make sense?? Is this true for the industry in general or just your agency?

I'm sorry you're having to navigate this obsticle in the midst of all you've been through.