Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting Ready

I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to write for this post. Things have been pretty busy since my last one.

We have been in contact through email with the expectant mom that chose us. We're getting to know her better. She is really wonderful - very funny and nice. We're hoping that we might get to go to one of her doctor appointments in the future. We'll see what happens with that. She sent us pictures of her and her family with one of the last emails - I'm so happy to have those. We're keeping copies of all of her emails, so that we can share them with our child some day.

We've been talking about what we want to do with the baby's room as far as decorating goes. I love anything that has to do with decorating rooms -- it must be the artist/art teacher inside me! :) I keep saving ideas on my "favorites" bar on my computer - Steve laughs at me because of how many favorites I have!

This is what we have so far for the room. (Nothing is up on the walls yet, but it's in the room until we decide what we want to hang where.)

A bookcase that I repainted. We have a few children's books on it. The chair will probably not stay in the room because we will probably need the space...

An armoire that I bought a few years ago and repainted (I'll have to take a picture of the inside, too - it has a few shelves and an open space for clothes to be hung) I added the little knobs to it, too:

The dresser (that will also be a changing area) It's from Buy.Buy.Baby

The crib (and a mattress that's not in the picture) It's also from Buy.Buy. Baby

My sister, Janice, cross-stitched this for our baby. She worked on it for quite a while and even changed the pictures in the pattern so they would work for a girl or a boy! She said she added the books because we like to read so much and the crayons because of my love of art. :)

This is fabric from an outfit that I like. I really like the colors in it. It's sort of an "inspiration" piece for me for the room. The pink won't be part of the whole mix if we adopt a little boy, but I do really like the other colors. We'll have to wait and see!

We had sock monkey dolls when my sisters and I were growing up. I saw this night light about a year ago and knew I wanted to save it for our future nursery!
The nightlight is from a store called Leon and Lulu's: I wish I could LIVE in that store - it's that great of a store!

We saw this painting/collage when we were on a vacation in Rehoboth Beach, DE. We loved it, but didn't buy it at the time. I came across it online and bought it a few years ago. It's been waiting to be hung ever since! (The colors in the painting are the same as those in the fabric above.)

I haven't really found a set of bedding at this point. I really just want a cribskirt and a quilt (no bumpers.) I think I'm going to buy a solid color cribskirt, and my mom said she could add ribbon to it for me once we know if it's a boy or a girl. She also said she would make a quilt for the baby!

We bought a car seat this past weekend, too. We'll be ready for the day we get to bring our little one home!


Meg. said...

I'm getting so excited for you!

The baby's room, even though it's not completely decorated yet, looks *amazing*! I can feel the love and warmth. And I'm in awe of the sock monkey lamp. I want one of my own! =)

Christa said...

Congratulations! Your story is so inspiring. Your baby will be home before you know it!

Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness - you have been busy! I can't believe everything that you've gotten done!

I can't remember if you said - when is the anticipated due date? Does the birth mother want to find out the sex of the baby?

Laurie said...

Fun, fun! These are my favorite kinds of posts!! Your nursery has so many personal touches already. It will just be stunning!!

Sarah said...

This bedding reminds me of your inspiration piece:

So does this one to a lesser degree (but it would look great with the ferris wheel print):

Anonymous said...


We were on vacation last week, but your website was the first blog I checked when getting back in town. I was anxious to read any post about you and Steve being linked. We are all so happy for you both.

You definately have been busy. It's awesome that you have been collecting items for nursery for many years now. It will make your baby's room even more special and meaningful.
I remember your sock monkeys...and have recently found some little ones to put in the girls stockings this Christmas...I thought about you when I bought them.

The ferris wheel artwork is awesome...every child should be so lucky to have a room created in love by an artist.

Have fun preparing. Prayers to both you and Steve, your baby, and the birthmother.

Keep us updated.


Melba said...

How exciting to be planning and preparing for your little bundle of joy...I'm still so excited and happy for you - can't wait to see pictures of the room with the baby inside!!


A Life Full of Love said...

I love the furniture and the colors!

Wendy said...

Meg - I put a link in my post to the store where I bought the sock monkey...if you're interested!

Suzanne- The baby is due September 20th. I don't think we're going to find out the sex of the baby - it will be a surprise! :)

Sarah - I like that first bedding you posted a lot - I think I've seen it before. I wish the huge polka dots were on the crib skirt!! I love the colors in it - it would work nicely. Thanks for posting the suggestions.

Caroline - Thanks so much! I can't believe that you remember our sock monkeys!!! Steve and I have little ones, too, that hang on our Christmas tree. I'm pretty sure my mom bought them for us! They are one of my favorite things to hang up each Christmas. I'll bet your girls are going to love them! I actually have a sock "cat" that I didn't post a picture of - it's made in the same colors as the artwork. I'll have to post a picture of it soon.

Melba, A Life Full of Love, Laurie, and Christa - Thanks so much for your comments!!

Tamstyles said...

wishing you all the best..first time visiting your blog.

sarah m said...

You have some great stuff! Your nursery will bo so cute and special. LOVE the sock monkey!! Might have to try to get one, too. Thanks for the link! :)

Sandy said...

This is so exciting!

The color-scheme in the fabric and ferris-wheel picture is wonderful. Don't be afraid to have touches of pink with other colors in a boy's room. There is pink in some of Oscar's things, and it really adds to the whole color scheme. Anyway, we want him to be somewhat feminist and sensitive, lol.

Jenn said...

Oh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Sock Monkey!! Maybe you could go with that for a theme?? They are so very popular now!!

If you scrapbook (like me) even sells a sock monkey stamp set.

Too cute!! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

Planning the nursery is so much fun! It is going to look beautiful! I love your furniture and inspiration pieces. :)

Jodi said...

I cannot wait to see what you do in the nursery...I like the pieces you have so far! I'm sure the nursery will look gorgeous when you are finished!

Parenthood For Me said...

All great things. I have to visit that website

Erica said...

OH! I love the painting! I'm right there with you...I LOVE the idea of finally getting to decorate. I LOVE the little sock monkey night light! How adorable! I like the pastel colors in the fabric and painting. Are you going for an eclectic/collected look or a more matching look? Oh, and by the way, your crib and dresser look almost exactly like mine. Great minds think alike. :)

I'm glad that you are getting to communicate with her. I can't wait until we start.


Jamie said...

i LOVED preparing for milo's arrival! :) this part is so much fun. :) i love the furniture pieces you chose ~ enjoy this exciting part of the journey!! :)

bluehairedwoman said...

Hi Wendy, it's Sheri from LP... Leslie directed me to your blog and filled me in on your happy news! i'm so thrilled for you and your DH. that little baby is so fortunate to be welcomed into your home & you are going to be such a fantastic mom!

Next in Line said...

This is so exciting! You too are so ready for this!

embieadoptmom said...

CONGRATS on your baby coming! We have several adopted children-It is such a blessing! Now we have adopted embryos and will have them transferred soon! Blessings on your journey!

Lost in Space said...

You definitely have an eye for decorating, Wendy. Your pieces flow together so nicely, but aren't all the matchy-matchy kind of stuff. I wish I had your style. LOL. I really love it!

I hope to see the fully finished product soon!! It really won't be long now, huh?