Thursday, May 13, 2010

So…do you want the good news, the good news, or the good news?

So the good news…Tuesday evening was our 3rd post-placement visit with our caseworker, Heidi.  Our first visit had taken place at our agency’s office when Zoe was one month old.  The other two visits – one in February and the one this past week – were at our house.  She asked us how Zoe has been doing and what she is able to do as far as her gross motor skills are concerned.  Zoe is actually almost ready to crawl --  yesterday and today she got up on her knees and was rocking back and forth.  She’s really trying!  She’s also really interested in anything that makes noise, lights up, or plays music!  Here’s a picture from earlier that night.

Zoe May 7 Months 054

This is Heidi with Zoe…Zoe was just about ready for bed, but I wanted to get a picture first!

Zoe May 7 Months 057

We talked about her last doctor appointment and how much she has grown.  We also talked about our visit with Zoe’s birthmom and her family back in March.  We also talked about this:

More good news…that I had spoken to Zoe’s birthmom and her mom (Zoe’s birth grandma) on the phone on Sunday.  I don’t want to get into details out of privacy, but we had two very wonderful conversations.  I wished them both a Happy Mother’s Day, and  they wished me the same.  It meant a lot to me to be able to talk to them, particularly on Sunday.  It gave me the chance to really say thank you and to try to explain how happy we are raising Zoe. 

And even more good news…We also talked about how JUNE 4th will be the day we finalize Zoe’s adoption in court!  We had been told that it probably wouldn’t happen until closer to July, so we are thrilled that the date is in early June.  We should be getting a letter from the courthouse soon, and then we’ll just be waiting for the big day!  Last year in late June (June 26) was the day we got THE CALL.  We found out the following Monday that we had been chosen by Zoe’s birthmom.  So much has happened in one year!

Just a couple pics from the weekend:

Zoe May 7 Months 031

 Me, Mom, Tracy, Janice, and Zoe

Zoe May 7 Months 032

The 3 of us

Zoe May 7 Months 037 A slightly blurry picture of the family (I’m learning how to use the timer on my camera!) 

Janice, Mom, Me, Steve, Zoe, Karen, Alicia, Tracy, Marcie, and Dad


Just Believing said...

Glad you got ot talk to Zoey's bmom on MOther's Day! We got to online chat with Faith's bmom and it was wonderful!

Glad you got a finalization date too! We are still waiting for one! Ugh! But Oh well just praying its soon so we can start the whole thing over again for baby #2 ;)

shocks said...

I love all the good news!! I am so happy for you!! :)

joyce said...

Yay! Congratulations on your upcoming finalization!

Zoe is so adorable and her checks are made for kissing.

Monika said...

Congratulations! You have a beautiful family.

We have our 2nd appt. with Heidi next week. I like how you have a picture of Heidi with Zoe. Great idea!

Patti said...

So happy for all your good news!

Rebekah said...

Yay!!! LOVE Heidi, she was our case worker, too! :)

I'm so glad your mother's day was full of such goodness. Zoey's adorable - love the pjs!

Melba said...

Yay, congrats on finally having a court date, that's a wonderful feeling! I still remember the letter we got because it said, "Dear ____ Family" at the beginning. That recognition of being referred to as a family by some formal organization outside f/f made me feel elated. :)

I love all the pictures, esp. the one with the whole bunch, too cute!


J said...

YAYAY...All of this is GREAT news!

Lost in Space said...

So thrilled for all the great news and hope it keeps on coming for many years to come. (-;

It sounds like you will have a crawler by June 4th too!!

ps I am obviously way behind on email. More to come soon...

Andrea & Scott said...

Wendy, I have been following your blog for a short time and I am so happy that you are finally a mom to such a sweet little girl! My husband and I are about to begin the adoption process and I'd love to connect with you and maybe learn some good tips and such to help me through.