Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Visit with our Daughter’s Birthmom

This past Tuesday we got to spend the day with Zoe’s birthmom, Z,  her mom, and her brother.  We had hoped to get to the zoo, but the weather didn’t cooperate.  We decided to meet at our house and then had lunch at Chuck E. Cheese.   We were very excited to see everyone!  We took this picture of her right before they got to our house. 


We visited for a while and gave her birthmom a couple of small gifts for Easter.  Zoe had made a couple of Easter art projects, and she gave those to Z along with a couple of other things.  We gave some pictures to her birthgrandma, too.  We visited and talked with Z and her mom.  Zoe had fun showing Z and her brother some of her toys.  We headed out to Chuck E. Cheese, had lunch, and played some games together. 

I loved hearing Zoe saying Z’s name – it was very sweet.  Zoe reminds me so much of her birthmom – her nose, her smile, her hair, even a look that they both get in their eyes sometimes.  It’s so great to know Zoe’ birthmom, and Zoe was so excited to spend time with Z.  Our visit really seemed to fly by; I know we can’t wait to see everyone again soon.   We’re really looking forward to it.

Today is Easter – Here’s just a couple pictures from our day…had a lot of fun hanging out with family, watching Zoe chase after bubbles in the backyard, and talking with Zoe’s birthmom on the phone.





Beth said...

Beautiful family photo and so great to hear that you had a good visit with her birthmom!

All in His Perfect Timing said...

Love the new header!
I'm glad you all had a great visit with her birth mom. I hope for the same great relationship with our son's birth mom too. You are a great example!