Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How do you celebrate fall and Halloween?

The end of October is coming up so quickly.  How is that even possible?  Zoe started preschool last month, and she loves it.  She’s learning a lot.  She’ll tell you all about lower case and upper case letters.  She sings songs that we’ve never heard before.  She is identifying numbers and letters with more and more ease every day.  It’s amazing. 

We’ve been trying to squeeze in a lot of fall and Halloween activities.  We’ve made a few projects, decorated the house, and collected leaves on our walks (and those became collages.)  We went to a pumpkin patch last weekend and picked up a couple of pumpkins to decorate.  Once Zoe found the one she wanted, she kept saying that she had found the perfect pumpkin and that she loved it.

pumpkin patch 2013

We have a Trunk or Treat coming up, a couple of Halloween events that are at local places like a park and the mall, a Halloween party, and of course her celebration at school. 

How are you celebrating Halloween or fall this month?  What do you and your family like to do?


happymomof2 said...

We love Fall time too! I look forward to a day at the pumpkin patch picking out our pumpkins; we also enjoy picking apples; Fall festival at church; and new this year we went to Holiday World for their Halloween festivities-lots of fun:) In the past we've gone to the local zoo for their Halloween party buts its gotten ridiculous so I think this was the first yr in 8 yrs we haven't been:( We also enjoy decorating our pumpkins, this year we are using stickers (thanks to a fellow bloggers suggestion); and then of course going trick or treating- we usually go to my parents for dinner and then trick or treat in their neighborhood. Enjoy your Halloween activities!!!

Wendy said...

LOL, I forgot to add that we went apple picking, too, Happymomof2! Isn't it fun? We had such a good time.

Hope you have a great Halloween, too!