Sunday, September 30, 2007


I have to go in for a 3rd ultrasound tomorrow. My follicles weren't big enough when I was at my appointment on Saturday.

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Renee said...

Hey hun some how through the world of Blogging I have come to your page...... I am in the same boat almost exactally....My hubby and I have been ttc for 6yrs... we just did our sec IUI on oct 1st my egg on day 11 was med size and I have no idea if it was the right size on mon....but I got the LH surge on sunday we will see....I hate the 2ww! with our first IUI I just knew I was Preggo I had all the symptoms but I got a BFN! then AF showed up 3 days late I was devistated..... my doc has me on clomid 150mg days 5-9.... I didnt respond to it this month I have asked he put me on injectiables but he wont ....which is so frustrating..... I just wante dyou to know you are not alone I totally understand your frustration and I will be praying for you~ there is a website it has a rather large TTC group who are the biggest supporters ....if your already on it my vip page is Mastersimage if your not you should join it has been so encouraging to be able to talk with others who completely understand what it is like and are there for you! Hang in there hun! Dont give up!