Monday, May 19, 2008

My Drugs Are On Their Way!

Well, my IVF meds are on their way! I should be getting my box o' fun on Friday. My sister has said she'll pick it up for me at the RE's office. They close before I can get there.

I also received my protocol:

May 27th - Last birth control pill
May 30th - ultrasound and bloodwork. Start Microdose Lupron 20 units/twice a day.
Take baby aspirin, too.
June 1st - Begin Bravelle 225 (3 vials) and Menopur (2 vials) for 10-12 days.
June 13-20th - Somewhere in here will be my egg retrieval and embryo transfer.


Suzanne said...

OK - this is TOO weird! Our protocols are almost identical!

I start Lupron this Friday (5/24), start Menopur/Gonal-F May 30th, estimated retrieval June 10th and transfer somewhere in the June 13-15 timeframe.

June 15th was my dad's b-day and Father's Day so I'm taking that as a sign! :)

Wendy said...

That IS weird! Good luck with starting the Lupron. I didn't mind the Lupron shots - the needle's not very big.

How are you doing? Do you take birth control pills right up to 5/24?

:) Wendy

Suzanne said...

Still doing good. Last day of BC pills is Sunday, 5/25. I'm not really worried about the shots too much. Needles have never really bothered me and I have this weird fascination with medical stuff. My husband freaked out a little when he saw the needles for the POI. He doesn't like needles so this should be interested. We have our injection class scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Lost in Space said...

Sounds great, Wendy!! I am about a week or so behind you with no BCPs and starting Lupron around June 1st.

Good luck!! I hope lucky #2 is the one.

Wendy said...

Suzanne - the PIO shots are my least favorites, but they did get better after a while.

Brenda - I hope it's lucky for you, too! You'll just be a couple days behind me with the Lupron. :)

GP said...

Best of luck to you! :)