Saturday, March 14, 2009

He Takes Me the Way I Am

Do you know the song, "The Way I Am," by Ingrid Michaelson? I bought her cd yesterday, and I just love that song:

If you were falling, then I would catch you
If you need a light, I'd find a match

'Cause I love the way you say good morning
And you take me the way I am

If you are chilly, here take my sweater
If your head is aching, I'll make it better

'Cause I love the way you call me baby
And you take me the way I am

With all that's been going on with us, especially the waiting, Steve and I have been trying to do date nights at least once a week. He knew that I had a rough week this past week. (Thank you again to everyone who left comments for me...just had to deal with a lot of different things all at once.) He brought flowers home for me on Monday. We keep calling them miracle flowers because they still look just as pretty as the day he brought them home:

He is just such a good guy. I am so lucky to have him as my husband. He really does 'take me as I am.' He loves me and is there for me, no matter what. He tries his best to understand why I'm upset or sad and he always wants to fix it and make me feel better. He's just such a good person. On Thursday night we had our official date night. We went to a bookstore that we love and hung out for a while. We both love to read and it's fun to wander around to see what's new. I did have a book in my hand, but then I saw the title of the cd I mentioned above, and I knew I really wanted to hear the title song. It's called "Be Ok," and I felt like I kept telling myself all week long that I was going to be okay - I just needed to get through the long week. I bought it, and we listened to almost the whole cd on the way home. I really felt better after hearing it. (Hope that doesn't sound hokey.) I just think music (and art) have a way of healing and making you feel better.

Well, yesterday I came home from work and decided to check our agency's website to see if there were any changes. Every Friday our agency updates the links to our profiles. That's when they add new waiting families who have completed their home studies. They also highlight couples that have been linked with a birthmother or have had a baby boy or girl placed with them. I check the site every Friday to see if there are any changes. Last week there were no changes, but this week one new couple joined and two baby boys were placed with waiting couples. Over the past two months there have been quite a few babies placed (I think it's up to 9 right now.) They have had quite a few new birthmothers and waiting families sign up with the agency, too.

We've been so happy to see more and more couples matched and more babies placed. I guess it makes me feel more optimistic, especially since a few months ago, our agency was really struggling and things didn't look so positive.

We are hoping that our agency has shown our profile since our first update from our caseworker. I think our next update will be the first week of April. We also spent a lot of time over the past 2 weeks working on a grant application to send to an organization that helps families that are adopting. We figured it's worth a shot. Every little bit helps.

I had a nice moment the week before last...Someone who is working in my building told me that they have been going through a similar thing. She had heard that we want to adopt and she wanted to share her story with me. She had also been through infertility treatments and has dealt with loss. She and her husband chose to adopt after many years. She said they found their daughter's birthmother through an acquaintance of her mother. She said she really believes it's important to tell everyone you meet that you want to adopt. She said you never know who will know someone who is considering adoption. She also said that she and her husband are trying to adopt a second child right now. She offered to talk to me whenever I need to talk. It was really nice to meet someone who has been there before.

I hope this post doesn't ramble quite as much as I think it does! Things feel better today; I guess that's the main thing.


Erica said...

Sounds like you have got a wonderful husband. I know exactly what you mean: I feel so lucky when I have hard days that I have such a good man behind me. I don't know how I would get through all this if I didn't have his patience and understanding.
Sounds like things are moving along at your agency and that is great! Just a matter of time for you two....

Laura said...

My husband and I LOVE Ingrid!!! It is so great that you found her songs. We are musicians ourselves, and perform several of her songs. We also saw her in concert twice and I highly recommend it if she comes close to where you live.

Thank you for sharing your story. My husband and I are just beginning the process of adoption through an agency and it really helps to hear what you are going through. Be OK!!! :)

Lana said...

It sounds like God has really matched you with your sole mate. Your husband sounds like the other half of you. I have no idea who Ingrid is but her lyrics sound very uplifting. Great news that things are looking up for your agency. You never know if your family might be next.

Your family really is a very special one and I hope that you will have your baby very soon. I wish that you get all the happiness that your heart and hand can hold

Next in Line said...

I truly can not wait for you two to become parents. You have so much strength, teamwork and an amazing outlook on life. I am cheering for you!

Kristen said...

It is so comforting to know that when the times get rough, you have someone by your side the whole way, and I know that is what you have.

I have a feeling you will have your child in your arms soon. At least, that is what I'm praying for!

E said...

Glad things are going better with you and with your agency.

You and your husband are lucky to have each other. BTW, I really like the picture of you two where the title of your blog is...very cute and real.

I'm sure it really is a good thing to get the word out and let people know about the adoption plans. I struggle with that because we're pretty private. Not that we're trying to hide it, but I can't bring myself to do the networking thing. Maybe it's a big reason why we've been waiting so long! Keep up the networking!

Kat said...

Thank you for sharing your "ramblings." It's wonderful to read how blessed and thankful you are for a wonderful, supportive husband. I thank God for blessing me with mine. It makes the infertility struggle a bit more bearable when you have a wonderful person going through it with you...

Jill said...

Wendy-I so glad you have Steve. He sounds like an amazing husband. I wish things were easier for you guys. I admire your patience and tenacity through all this. I pray for you and hope that you will have a baby very soon in your arms.

Lost in Space said...

I'm sorry things have been so rough, Wendy. You always know where to find me....... (-;

Once again that husband of yours shows he is truly top notch and loves you dearly.

Great news on the placements through your agency. I truly hope your baby is one of your agencies next highlights.

Lots of love always....

Jennifer said...

Having a man that really understands and loves you for you is a wonderful thing. I am so lucky to have one as well. Sending baby dust your way :)

Parenthood For Me said...

Hi I just found your blog. I always feel great when someone opens up to me about their situation with adoption or IF. It makes an instant connection. Sending you well wishes that your waiting will be over soon. Please check out my non profit Parenthood for I need help spreading awareness. I'm glad i found your blog.