Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lots on our plate

Well, I was going to try to update my post with everything we accomplished yesterday, but I didn't happen! When we finally got home at 1am, I was so exhausted and pretty much just went to bed.

First we had to get up early and have our fingerprints redone. The "early" part was my choice - I figured it was better to get it taken care of...the clearances need to be updated because we had them done around this time last year. So that was first. That went fine.

Next we went to a used bookstore. We had four filled-to-the-brim bags of books to sell. Usually the guy buys all/most of Steve's and maybe one or two of mine. (Maybe he doesn't sell as many of ones I like to read? Not sure...) Well, this time he bought MOST of our books (including mine - yay!) We got $50. Not bad. I'm putting it aside...I have a feeling we're going to need to order a new washing machine soon. I'll be prepared for when we need it! (Not that $50 will cover it, but I'm adding my birthday money from Steve's mom and another gift to it. I'll save up a bit more, too.)

Then we stopped at the police station. They will check your car seat for you and make sure you installed it properly. Turns out that the officer who does that wasn't there yesterday. We got the phone number for her phone on her desk - we'll call her today.

After that we dropped off donations at Salvation Army. I had at least 3 bags of clothes, the extra books, and some other stuff that we wanted to donate. I'm clearing things out as much as I can, knowing we're going to accumulate more things, fairly soon.

We had 11 am doctor appointments. We also had to renew our physicals. Our doctor was out of town all this week, so they fit us in with another doctor. She was really wonderful. We also got our flu shots, so we won't have to worry about getting those later.

We had fasted for that appointment just in case they wanted us to get bloodwork done (they did) so we went to get lunch at Panera. (I heart Panera - can't wait until it gets colder - I love getting the tomato soup...)

We returned cans - lots of cans - at the grocery store and popped into Hallmark so I could get a couple cards. I had Hallmark bonus points/money that was burning a hole in my pocket!

We stopped at Staples and made copies of all of our paperwork. We also returned the ink I bought the day before and picked up the right ink. Oops. Could my mind be elsewhere??

We stopped at Walgreens and picked up my photos. Steve dropped off a prescription. Then we came home.

I created a list of names/phone numbers to take with us to the hospital.

I put our gift in a pretty bag. The night before I wrote out a letter to the baby's birthmom and put that in the bag, too.

I sterilized a couple bottles to take with us, just in case we needed them.

I paid some bills (not too exciting but they needed to be sent out.) I also sent out some thank you notes from my b-day.

Steve tested out the video camera, and we recharged batteries.

We mapquested how to get to the hospital and to a nearby hotel.

I touched up the paint on the armoire in the baby's room. I added blocks of wood to the inside. The blocks needed to be painted. My dad had suggested we try it. The armoire is an antique. It had a very old bar that you could hang clothes on. When I refinished the piece, I took the bar out (it was more rust than anything.) I added a tension rod. It fit perfectly, but when you put more than one clothing item on it, it fell. The weight was too much. So we added the blocks just under the bar. We also added two under that, so we could have two rows of clothes. I don't have a picture of the inside but this is the outside:
After all that we decided to go to the movies and just relax. I slept SO hard last night - probably one of the best night's sleep I've had in a long time!

So, what's on the agenda for today?

I'm working on a mobile for the nursery. Well, I will be working on it when I start it! I had an idea for something and I want to try it out.

We need to clean up the backyard (twigs/branches) a bit and maybe weed a bit out front, too.

I want Steve to show me how to use the video camera, too.

I might try to make a couple dinners (lasagna maybe?) to freeze. Any suggestions on that idea?

Plus we have general cleaning to do, too. The house looks fairly good, but I want to go over everything. It's going to be a busy week this upcoming week, especially with the students starting at my school. Staff started last week. I won't have too much extra time for cleaning at that point.

Haha - after typing out that list, I feel even more tired!!! I have to say, though, that it feels so good to accomplish so much, especially in one day. I don't think Steve would agree, though! He teases me and calls me a machine :)


Jamie said...

oh wow ~ i'm tired just reading it! :) i think it's truly amazing how much nesting takes place before a baby comes home. :)
congratulations on achieving SOOO much in just one day and then having the energy to actually go out to a movie! :)
regarding the bottles ~ i found that the hospital sent us home with lots and lots of the premade little tiny bottles that they use in the hospital. are you traveling out of state or will the birth be in your home state?
how exciting wendy! doesn't it feel nice to be checking all of these things off your list? step ~ bring baby home! :)

Next in Line said...

It is so good that you and Steve were got so much ready while you were waiting parents. I can't imagine how much you would have to to do now if you hadn't. That is a mighty list of things that you have gotten done.

Living Life Happy said...

When an awesome post. I couldnt be happier for you two!

Food suggestions to freeze:

chicken tetrazzini(spaghetti noodles, cream of mushroom soup "or make your own", chicken,mushrooms, onions, peppers, a little chicken broth, cheddar cheese)

Pepper steak (here is a link to my recipe)

meatloaf (can eat with something or make sandwiches)


taco meat (and then just defrost and add your toppings)

And buy a few frozen pizzas and create a meals to your freezer and you should be all set for a few days once you are home.

Wendy said...

Jamie - The birth will be in our home state, about two hours from where we live.

Next in Line - I can't imagine, either! I would probably be bald right about now from pulling out all my hair! I'm definitely a planner and a person who likes to be prepared. :)

Living Life Happy - Great food ideas --thank you so much!

Jenny said...

Wow! You've been busy! The days are really coming fast - soon you'll be a mom :D

By the way, I absolutely love Panera too, although I have never ever tried their tomato soup. I'll have to try it once it comes in for the season. My go-to soup is their french onion. In fact, I could go for some right now!

When it comes to freezing foods I would recommend: shredded bbq chicken or pork for sandwiches, lasagna, meat loaf, salsbury steak, chicken pot pie, soups, cheesy hashbrowns, casseroles, frozen pizzas, meat for tacos.

You can also just plan on eating foods that are a tad easier or quicker. For example, just throw a chicken fryer or pot roast in the slow cooker and leave it. If you're making a pot roast you can throw in some onions, carrots, and potatoes too. Spaghetti is always a quick one too.

Jenn said...

yeah!!!! it's getting so close now!!!! FABULOUS idea on freezing food. i wish someone had told me that idea when my kids came home.

Barbara said...

Wow Wendy!! My goodness, that's why you slept so were in overdrive then crashed...but all good!! Too bad Steve didn't get you on camera! Love the new pic of you both!! We are so excited for you both and REALLY looking forward to your big day!! By the way, Old Navy and Children's Place have some really cute Halloween onesies!! Get them before their gone!!

Suzanne said...

Good grief - you made me exhausted just reading about all of that! It sounds like are definitely coming together around the house and with the nursery. We've been in the same mode - cleaning out things, creating more storage. It's amazing how the prospect of a baby makes you want to clean out your entire house!

E said...

Oh my gosh, wonder you were exhausted. Doesn't it feel good to be able to 'check' things off your list? I'm sure it's quite a list these days;) You're nesting!! The armoire is very pretty, btw.

I heart Panera too! The summer corn chowder is wonderful...

mom2anangel said...

Whew, I'm exhausted just reading your list! I totally agree about making some food and freezing it - you have a lot of good suggestions here. We use ground turkey so I cook up a bunch of that and then separate it into about 1 lb portions and freeze those so I can pull out a portion at a time to make tacos or spaghetti or whatever. Chili is always good too. Before Natalie was born my mom and I made a bunch of stuff and froze it and we went through it quick. A nice meal was so wonderful but I would have never had time to do it after she was born.
I'm so excited! I know you are busy but I specifically check your blog to see about updates so keep posting! Once that little one gets here you won't have much extra time so you are doing great to get everything you can taken care of now!

Melba said...

You definitely did accomplish a lot, wow! Can't believe how fast the time is flying by...your sweet baby is going to be here in no time!!


Leah said...

Wow! You guys have been busy. Sounds like you will be as prepared as possible when the little one arrives. :-D

Lost in Space said...

Girl, I am tired just reading what you did. Are there really enough hours in the day to finish all you did? (-; You seem to be floating on pure adrenaline!

Love the armoire and can't wait to see the mobile. Your crafty touches are always a highlight.

Good luck with classes this week. It really won't be long now! So excited...