Friday, September 4, 2009

Show and Tell

As promised, here is the picture of my birthday icecream-cupcake cake - it really was as big as my head!

This is a picture of my parents from July. They had come over to celebrate Steve's birthday. They brought Steve some birthday gifts, and we ended up giving them a gift, too.

When my parents found out they were expecting me, they bought that little jar for my grandma. It had hand lotion in it. They gave it to her for her birthday and signed the card from me (Baby U - due Sept. 16th.) It took her a few minutes but then she realized what it meant - that another grandchild was on the way.

When I was little my grandma gave me the jar. I kept it all these years. I knew that when I had a baby someday I wanted to give it to my parents to make our announcement, too. Well, when we did our IUIs, I had that little jar wrapped up. When we did our IVF #1, #2, and then #3, I had it wrapped up and ready to be given. Because we had never been able to conceive, it ended up sitting on a shelf in our closet.

The day this picture was taken, I had pulled the little jar out and decided I wanted to give it to my parents. Yes, they already knew our announcement that we had been picked, but it still seemed like the thing I needed to do. My grandma would be so excited that her little great-grandchild is on the way. I know she looks over us and I really wanted to tell my own mom and dad in the same way. It really meant a lot for me to finally be at the day when I could give it to them. Mom has it sitting right in her living room so it's one of the first things you see when you walk in!

This is the first gift one of my friends gave me after we found out! My friend, Dawn, who is the most fabulous baker, made these cookies! She gave them to us to celebrate our adoption news. (They were so good!)

We're busy working on other last-minute things this weekend. Hoping to get a lot done. I'll try to update again if I have a chance...


Lynnette said...

Great idea for the bears Wendy--I can't wait to hear more of your story. I am so excited for you.

Kristen said...

What a sweet story about your grandmother's gift that you passed on to your mom.

I absolutely LOVE the build-a-bear idea. I know that Z will treasure it for a lifetime!

LL said...

Love this show and tell. That jar is a great tradition and a wonderful treasure.

The cookies look yummy!

Such cute bears! I would have loved to seen a video of you and your husband twirling in cirlces!

Just a few more weeks!

A to Z said...

Love all of the special things you are doing/experiencing in anticipation of your little one! What wonderful memories you are creating! You know, some babies come early, so it could be any time now ;) I keep checking your blog for the big announcement. Praying for everyone!!!!

Jamie said...

i remember this being such a busy time for us too ~ thank you for sharing when you can. :)i love the story of the jar.....i'm a sucker for sentimental things. :) and of course i love the bear (we did the same thing! :)

continuing the countdown with you!! :)

Suzanne said...

I am so excited for you! September 20th (or sooner) will be here before you know it!

melissa78 said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Build-a-bear Idea!!!

Melba said...

Great post, I love the build-a-bear as a gift...that is so sweet!

Also love the story of that little jar, and I think it' so perfect that you gave it to your parents. :)

Can't wait to find out who your baby is, time is getting closer!!


E said...

That is one honking cupcake! It looked delicious! That is a really sweet story about the little gift. What a special meaning it has. The cookies look awesome (all of these baked goods are getting me hungry!) The teddy bear gift is a wonderful idea!! Z will love it.

Anonymous said...

That was a delicious cupcake birthday cake! Any leftovers still??

And Grandma would be so excited about the little one. I can picture her working on a new crazy quilt.


Lost in Space said...

Loved this, Wendy! I suspect that this jar will one day be given to your child who will then pass it back to you. So much meaning with each passing and and incredible way to keep generations connected.

The bear idea is so touching.

Oh, and holy cake!

Tara said...

This post made me cry. First the jar and then the bear! I love it!!! Congratulations...

Anonymous said...

Grandma B. would be so happy to know that you gave her little jar to us. And how nice that everyone else loves the story too! I just made myself cry.

We can't wait to meet BABY and hold him or her in our arms.

Love, Mom and Dad