Monday, March 15, 2010

Time with our daughter’s birthmother and her family

This past weekend we had our first visit with Zoe’s birthmother and her family.  We were a little nervous leading up to it…well, I was, anyway!  Steve would probably say he was a “rock”!  I think it was just because we hadn’t seen them in 6 months, so it’s been a while.  It was so nice, though – we didn’t need to be nervous at all!  We met at our house and had lunch together.  Zoe’s birthmom (Z) and her family took turns holding Zoe and playing with her.  She was showing off how she can roll from her stomach to her back and from her back to her stomach without any trouble.  At one point, I even thought she was going to crawl for the first time – she was that excited to have so much attention all at once!  They asked us questions on how she’s been doing, and we filled them in on everything.  Zoe was ‘babbling’ like crazy, too – it was like she had so much to say to everyone!

I took lots of pictures and even a few videos.  I plan to make copies for Z and her family.  (I’m not going to share them here for privacy reasons.) We were so happy that they were able to come and spend part of the day with us.  We hope to see them again soon.  We’ll have to see what works out. For now, we are very grateful for the time they shared with Zoe and with us.

On a side note…

Zoe kept looking at the door around 5:00pm this afternoon and saying “da da” “da da” over and over again.  One of my sisters (Tracy) was here and we both said it really sounded like “da da”, not just random sounds.  Then after Steve got home, she looked for him and said it, too!  She has said “meh meh” before but it’s more of a sound she makes when she’s tired.  I’m not sure if she’s trying to say “ma ma".”  Pretty cool, either way. :)

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Jodi said...

I'm glad to hear you had a nice visit! Sounds like Zoe likes to be the main attraction, haha!

She's getting so big! What a doll!

Rebekah said...

That is great! We are going to meet up with Rebekah for the first time since the birth, in a few weeks. All three of us are flying out to spend the weekend. I am so excited for the reunion. We have such a close relationship, my only nerves involve keeping Ty quiet on that plane!!! :)

Melba said...

So sweet, I'm so glad you had such a nice visit with them.

I love the part about Z. saying da-da and possibly ma ma too. I think they understand FAR more than we really give them credit for at this age!


Karen said...

I'm glad the visit went well. Zoe sounds like she might be a ham. :) I love that photo of her. She's beautiful!

Ani said...

Hi, I just found your blog. Our daughter was born in mid-September of last year and came home when she was a week old. We do not have an open adoption with either of our children's birth mothers, but we do send pics and updates to the agency in case they ever want to contact us.
Blessings to your family.

Denver Jen said...

She is sooo cute! I always feel so incredible nervous before we see Nora's birthparents but then it's all so natural when we are all together. I'm so glad that you had a good visit!

Lost in Space said...

I love that Miss Zoe was enjoying showing off all her moves and telling all the family secrets. (-; I'm really glad you were able to meet up with Z and her family and have such a great visit.

And how is she starting to say words already!? Stop growing up so fast, sweet baby! (-;