Friday, July 20, 2012

Friends Through Adoption!

I belong to a group on Facebook that’s members are/were bloggers in the adoption community. Through blogging and through participating in this group, I have made a lot of online friends, including two women who live right here in our state. About a month ago or so we planned a play date for today on our side of town, and Zoe and I took our friends Melba (from Dreams Really Do Come True), her son, Rachel, and her son to the local park near us. We had plans to picnic and go visit the splash park. As we walked up to the gate to get in, we were told that the park was closing at noon…it was 11:45am. They were holding some event there that was not open to the general public. We quickly changed gears and decided to drive just a few miles north along Lake St. Clair to Metro Beach.


Lunch was first and then we headed over to the splash park.  The kids ran around and splashed each other.  We watched them play and giggle with each other.  We talked about a lot of things – some adoption-related and some not.  I will say, it is WONDERFUL to talk to other friends who built their families through adoption.  They just really get it.  They really understand concerns, worries, joys…all of it.  It’s a gift to be able to talk with them about things we all wonder about, questions we have about our children’s backgrounds,  the things that come up when you adopt rather than give birth -- things we all have in common or at least have an understanding about.  I feel so lucky to get to spend time with two really amazing women and their great kids.



I think Zoe was asking M where he got his sunglasses from! 


C chasing Zoe near the benches




After playing in the splash park, we headed over to take a walk on the sand.  There were quite a few families on the beach.  I am so grateful that today was such a beautiful, warm day.  It really was perfect.


That first step on the sand…


Sand between your fingers….


Finding a treasure like a little stick and digging…


…and the best part:  making friends and summer memories.  Rachel, Melba, and I were saying as we left the park how great it is to hear the kids giggle and laugh together.  I think she said it sounded musical.  And she’s right…it’s really the sweetest sound. 



Bri said...

I love this post because I love all those kiddos! Made my day, despite being a bit jealous!

Wendy said...

Aw, thanks! Just means that we'll have to have a playdate with you guys at some point, too, Bri!!

M.B. said...

Hey! I recognize that place... I live right there, too... Looks like fun.

Melba said...

Love this post, Wendy...hopefully I'll get one up soon too. :) I had a GREAT day and am so glad we were able to come visit with you!!

All in His Perfect Timing said...

LOVE all your beautiful kiddos! <3 So glad you all had an amazing and fun play date!

birthmothertalks said...

I loved this post!! I think it's great for the Mom's and the kids to get to hang out. I wish I had other birthmom's to get together and hang out.

Wendy said...

Thanks for all of the comments! Melba, I loved your post - you wrote one pretty quickly! M.B. -- I'm going to check out your blog :) All in His Perfect Timing and Birthmothertalks - thanks! It was a lot of fun.