Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First day of preschool

Zoe started preschool this week.  She’s going two mornings a week, 2 hours each morning. She was so excited to meet her classmates!


Yes, we know, her backpack is way to big.  I think she’s getting one for her birthday, so I’m guessing it will work out a little better for her.


Can you tell she’s a little excited???


Just a couple pics from inside the school.  Most of the pictures I took had other children in them with Zoe, and I’m not comfortable sharing them without their parents’ permission.  Here’s a little peek at her first day:



After her first exciting day, we had a visit with her birthgrandma.  She came over to celebrate Zoe’s birthday a little early with her.  We had a good visit even though was thoroughly tired out from her morning at school.  Here she is at naptime with her gift from her birth family.  It’s a really cute pirate doll.  She loves him and she was calling him ‘her baby’ today.  So sweet!


And last but not least, a picture from this morning – ready for day #2 at school without Mom and Dad.  She was so excited.  So excited in fact that she ran to the car and skinned both her knees.  After coming back in the house for bandaids, we headed back out.  She had a great morning and loved playing in the kitchen, the gym, and on the playground.  We’re so happy that she loved it.  And it was the best feeling ever when she saw me at pick-up time and ran to me to give me a big hug.  Love her so much.



All in His Perfect Timing said...

What an adorable little gal! I'm glad she had a great time! It looks so fun to be in Preschool!

Sarah b said...

I found your blog couple days ago, what a beautiful story I'm so glad that everything worked out for you Congrats :)

Wendy said...

Thank you All in His Perfect Timing and Sarah B.

Yes, she's having a lot of fun!

Mandy Campbell said...

So fun!!