Monday, February 25, 2013

A visit with Aunt Di

A couple of months before Christmas, our friend, Chris, called us and asked if he could give our friend Diane (his wife) a trip out to see us for her Christmas gift.  We were very excited because it has been a while since we saw her, and it’s definitely been a little while since her last trip here.  Zoe was very excited to see her Aunt Di (and so were we!)



We spent last weekend hanging out, catching up, and sharing stories.  My parents came over on Saturday to stay with Zoe while just the three of us went out to dinner.  We visited a new place on Sunday called The Robot Garage.  They have open play time and workshops for kids and adults.  Their shop is filled with Lego toys, robotic equipment, and other building toys.  It was a lot of fun and definitely a place we’ll go back to visit.




I had to share this…a Vincent Van Gogh portrait in Lego!  Wow…I know I was impressed!


This past week and weekend weren’t anywhere near that much fun…Steve had a very hard week at work.  Thursday morning our water heater decided to die and flooded our laundry room.  Thursday night I smelled gas as I was trying to clean things up and we had to contact the gas company.  They shut things off for us and did find a small leak, so it’s good I called.  We had a company come out to fix our water heater on Friday, so now we are all good.

It was very strange, though…two years ago – almost to the day – was when our furnace died (it’s in the same room as the water heater.)  We had 11 inches of snow that day.  Friday – the day we got the heater fixed – we had somewhere around 3 or 4 inches to shovel.  And two years ago was when Steve started having a hard time catching his breath and that led to his surgery a couple weeks later.  We called the company that fixed our furnace and they came out and fixed the water heater.  They remembered that Steve had been at the doctor for tests while they were putting in the new heater.  They asked how he was feeling which was really nice.  It was  an odd feeling, though…similar situations….I told Steve that NO ONE was allowed to get sick or have any health problems this time around! 

I’m so grateful that he’s doing so great and has recovered after the surgery as well as he has.


Catana Tully said...

Have just stumbled upon your blog, and was captivated by the beautiful picture of you and your little daughter. I am, and have always been completely in favor of birth children knowing who the birthparents are. And you have made this abundantly clear, not only the birthmother, but also her parents have become an integral part of your family. That is about the healthiest thing you can do. When you and your clan and the birth clan are together, the family is complete. Zoe is lucky to grow up with so much love and no guilt. Well, that might or not, come later, but she will be able to direct the questions directly to those who have the answers. Congratulations!

FindingK said...

I completely agree with Catana! Having a relationship with the birth family is amazing for everyone involved. We love and respect our daughter's birthparents tremendously. We love sharing pictures and stories of Kyla with them. We feel closer to them regarding Kyla's birth than anyone we know.

We are now waiting to adopt #2 and hope so much for a special relationship as well with the next little one's birth family. I love open adoption. It's the best decision we've ever made!

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