Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Loving open adoption!

Back in June, we had a great visit with Zoe’s birthmom, Z.  You can read about it here:   A Visit with her Birthmom.  We hadn’t seen her since late September.  We also hadn’t seen Z’s family since January because they moved out of state.  They happened to be here on vacation, so we were able to get together with them today at the zoo. 


I am guessing that most of the country is having the same heat wave that we are having this week.  Wow, it was quite a lot to handle.  But we all had a great time walking around and talking about what has been going on with each other.  New jobs, new homes, kids getting bigger…it was really nice to catch up.  Zoe had a lot of fun with her birth grand parents and one of her birth uncles.  They bought her a little water toy that sprayed water, and she was very happy to get everyone wet!  (Not that we minded, that’s for sure.)  We are hoping to see them again sometime soon!


I love that we were able to make a visit happen today.  We miss them a lot, just like we miss Zoe’s birth mom. 



Lost in Space said...

What a great time for all of you. Zoe is so lucky to have so many people who love her to pieces. ;)

Wendy said...

Thanks, B! :)