Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What have you been up to this summer?

This past Friday was Steve’s follow-up appointment to check on his progress since the open-heart surgery he had done just a bit over two years ago.  We are still waiting to hear news back about his test result, but the visit in the office went really well.  They are very happy with how he’s doing; so are we!  I feel so thankful and grateful that he did so well when he had the surgery done and that he’s doing so great today!

Adoption-related news…I just finished working on a project that is going to be part of Zoe’s birth mom’s birthday gift.  I will post a picture soon; I just want to wait until after she receives it in the mail.  Other adoption news…we applied for the Cade Foundation’s Family Building Grant.  I had heard it about online and had also heard that they hadn’t had many people apply who were adopting.  The grant is given to couples who are doing infertility treatments or adopting.  We won’t know if we received the grant until sometime in the fall. 


(a picture Zoe drew of her birth mom…we’re sending it to her soon.  By the way, that’s an eyebrow – just one – with eyelashes above her eye!)

Other than that, we have been keeping busy.  We’ve been doing some things with our neighbors, going to the pool, checking on our garden, and playing in the backyard.  We found a new place (new to us and relatively new to the area) for Zoe to play – Detroit Kid City.  It was a lot of fun to watch her run back and forth between their post office, bank, recording studio, diner and a few other little places.  We had so much fun there the day of Steve’s doctor appointment that we went back yesterday so we could take some friends with us. 







(planting a garden, just like ours at home…)


(our first peppers…I was just a bit excited!!)



(Hoping we get some strawberries, too!)


(Someone loves to be in the water.  I love watching her go up to other kids and talk to them at the pool.  She’s so interested in meeting them and talking to them.)

What fun things have you been doing this summer?  Anything on your summer ‘bucket’ list?


All in His Perfect Timing said...

I love the little "town" experience that Zoe was able to have fun at! So neat!!
Thanks for mentioning the adoption grants ... I totally forgot about applying for those for our next adoption!

birthmothertalks said...

We haven't done much this summer yet. We have been doing a lot of bike riding. I have only been to the pool once. We have had the craziest weather. We did Great America on Monday. I am hoping to get a lot of summer fun in the next couple of months.

Wendy said...

All in His Perfect Timing -- It's worth a shot to try to get a grant. It was a lot of work putting the application together, but you never know. Could be worth it!

Birthmothertalks - I know, the weather here has been crazy, too. We've had to do a lot of indoor type stuff because of that.