Saturday, March 15, 2008

11 Days Past Retrieval/Ovulation

I'm not going to lie - I took a pg test yesterday morning and this morning.
Both tests were negative and it's very early to test. It's just that I read about how so many people get early results and I wanted to be one of those people for once. (Who am I kidding - I just want to be one of those people who gets a positive result, early or not.)

I had a blood test done this morning to check on my progesterone and estrogen. I take an estrogen tablet every night and I also have to be given an injection of progesterone each night. I thought that the other shots were not so bad - not a picnic, but not too bad. These shots are something else.

Progesterone shots are intramuscular, so instead of the medicine going just under your skin you are injecting it directly into muscle. The needle is big and long and it hurts going in, while it's in, and as it is being pulled out. The PIO (progesterone in oil) is also very thick - it's the consistency of vegetable oil (I think it's actually in sesame oil, I remember right.) Not the easiest thing to inject into a muscle.

I have also had a lot of pain at the injection site and around it. I think the PIO must move through the muscle as it's absorbed. I am very sore and tend to lean over when I sit to avoid sitting on my bruises.

We found out today that the 5 fragmented embryos we had definitely did not make it to cryopreservation. I knew that the possibility of them making it was not good, but a tiny part of me hoped at least one would survive. We will have to completely start over with a new IVF if this one doesn't work and that probably won't ever happen.

To say I'm sad about this is an understatement.

I'm going to try to keep busy today. I think I need to be distracted for a while.


Jen said...

I know it's hard, but try to keep positive. I'm sending lots of good vibes your way.

Wendy said...

Thanks, Jen.

Anonymous said...

I've got everything crossed for you.

Polly Gamwich said...

Just wondering if you've tested yet??

Hopeful for you!

Wendy said...

Yes, but the tests have been negative. I was told that you can't really test during an IVF cycle because the meds/injections can "mask" the hcg in your system. Somehow you can be pg but then tests still show up negative.


Baby Step said...

I am right here with you. I refuse to test though....the other day I actually held some internet cheapo tests in my hand and stared at them for 5 minutes! Then I put them back. Step. Away. From. The. HPTs. I can't wait for mine on Thursday and yours on Friday!!!

Wendy said...

Thank you, Indrani. It's so hard, isn't it??? Then I hear of other people actually getting positive results early and it drives me crazy! I'm praying for you and that we both get our positive betas!!!!