Thursday, March 13, 2008

9 Days Past Retrieval Day

I am 9 days past my retrieval day (or my "ovulation day.") I have been feeling fine all week until today. Had a headache for most of the day and just feel tired. I felt very warm, too, and I have had some cramps.

I want to think that all of the symptoms are a good sign, but I'm not so sure....I'm still keeping my hopes up, but it's kind of hard when you don't feel well.

A friend of mine wrote me an email and said she was sending positive vibes my way....I told her to keep sending them because I needed all that I could get!


Jill said...

Wendy--I hope all of those are good signs for you too. GL!

Katie said...

I'll send positive vibes your way! Wow-- THREE great looking embies... Are you going to wait until your beta?

Misty River said...

Wendy--I just ran across your blog today and am sooo excited for you. My DH and I are in the same boat with you and Monday we are going to meet our RE to talk about IVF.

Good luck to you!

Wendy said...

Thanks, Jill, Katie, and Misty River. I tried testing early today and got a BFN. That's nice and depressing. I probably should have waited a bit, but I was "encouraged" to test by friends. I'm still trying to stay positive - my beta isn't until next Friday!

LTooLio said...

Good luck to you and your wife and I are going through the same process, and are at about the same stage of it as can find us at

If you have no objections, I'd like to add you to my Blogroll, and if you see fit, would like to ask that you add me to yours.

I think that we are doing good things for the portion of the world that is in similar shoes and us, and the more we spread the word, the better.

Wendy said...

Itoolio - No problem. I don't mind adding you to my blogroll and I don't mind you adding my blog, either. I'm sorry that you and your wife are going through all this.

Jen said...

Sending lots of good vibes your way! Don't be discouraged by the early BFN.
Cute new pic, by the way!

Wendy said...

Thank you, Jen. I need all the good vibes I can get.

Thanks for the compliment, too. :)