Saturday, December 5, 2009

Brr!!!! It's getting cold here!

As of yesterday, it really feels like winter here. I know it's December, and we've been really fortunate to have the warmer weather up until now. But I was really enjoying the warmer temps. Oh well.

Things have been pretty busy. We had Thanksgiving not too long ago. We spent the afternoon and evening at my cousin's house and had a good time. My pictures from that day are still on my camera...I'll try to post one when I can. That Sunday my family threw us a baby shower. It was really nice - so many people were able to come and meet Zoe. My mom and my sisters put framed pictures of her on the tables as centerpieces and attached balloons. They gave out little favors of silver heart Christmas ornaments. We had a really fun (and sometimes emotional) afternoon with everyone and it meant a lot to me. Everyone there knew that it had been quite a long journey for us to start our family.

I talked to Z, Zoe's birthmother, that night. I had called her and left a message right before Thanksgiving. She wanted to call us back and say hello. She sounds like she's doing well. It was good to hear her voice and talk to her. I told her I'm getting some pictures together to send to her soon.

During the week we went on Zoe's first field trip! Well, we sort of tagged along on a field trip that students at my school were taking. They were going to Toys R Us to buy a toy for students in another class. They had to read the list, pick out the gift, and purchase it on their own. It was fun to see them so excited. We followed them over to the mall afterwards and watched as they found their way around the mall and talked with Santa to tell him what they hoped to get for Christmas. The whole trip was about life skills - what to do in a store, how to find things, how to order things (like lunch), and how to pay for things in a store. Zoe did great! (We saw Santa but she didn't actually sit on his lap. I'm a little paranoid about H1N1, so we decided to skip Santa for this year. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I figure she can go when she's older and understands more.)

To round out the busy last couple of weeks we went and got a Christmas tree today. It looks really nice. It's a bit bigger than we had planned, but that's okay. Steve put the lights on it and now it's waiting for decorations (that's my job.) I'll probably start it tonight.

Zoe has been pretty busy herself...
She had been sleeping 5 hours a night, which the doctor said is considered "sleeping through the night" for a 2 month old. She actually slept 7 hours after our field trip on Thursday and 6 hours last night! We were pretty excited. I had forgotten what it felt like to feel somewhat rested!

She also started trying to sit up when we hold her. She can arch her back and start to push herself up into a sitting position. She doesn't stay up without our help, but it's pretty impressive, either way!

And today we heard her laugh for the first time! She gets excited all the time but when I tickled her today, we heard a tiny giggle. Then when I sneezed a little while later, she giggled again. Too cute!

Well, I guess that's pretty much everything. Tomorrow I'm going to a pottery show with my mom and my sisters. I'm pretty excited - it's one of favorite places to go every December. Then my sisters are going to babysit while Steve and I have a date night (or maybe a date afternoon!) It will be nice to hang out with him. I think it's the first time that we'll have gone out just the two of since Zoe came home in September.

Hope everyone is having a good (and warm) weekend!


Lost in Space said...

Love the picture of little Miss Zoe! She is getting so big!

You really have been busy. What a great way for everyone to meet Zoe. I'm so glad you were able to have a shower!! I can only imagine the emotions you felt.

I'm glad to hear you were able to talk to Z again. What an incredible gift for Zoe to have in the years to come.

What a cute life skills idea. And Toys R Us had to be a huge score with the kids. I can imagine they love seeing Zoe too.

And a Christmas tree, some giggles, and a date night to round it all out. Yup, you really have been busy!!

Wendy said...

Hi B! She IS getting really big. She's out of some of her 0-3 months clothes already.

I had a hard time even putting how I felt into words at the shower. I got very choked up quite a few times. Some of my friends and family gave us cards with really touching things written in them - about us waiting for Zoe and about adoption. It made me cry. I tried to thank everyone, too, but I'm not sure how I did; it was hard to get the words out.

birthmothertalks said...

It's great that everything is going well with you. I am happy that your building a relationship with Z.

LL said...

She is one cutie patootie! Love the hat too!

I am also happy to hear you have talked to Z again. Open adoption can be quite overwhelming but I think that the relationship you build with Z, even if it isn't visits etc...will be so beneficial to Zoe.

Lynnette said...

Such a cute picture of Zoe..I am glad you enjoyed your shower. it's very emotional, you waited a long time...We took the baby to see santa Friday night...take a peek!!!

Leah said...

Zoe is such a beauty. :-D It sounds like you guys are keeping really busy. :-D

A to Z said...

Love the hat! Did someone make it? I am always looking for hats for Logan (but he has a really big head!)....Zoe is absolutely adorable!!!!!

E said...

Zoe is so cute! So good to hear that she's doing well. It sounds like you're very busy! It's wonderful that you and Steve are making a point to do date nights, even now as parents of a 2-month old. I think a lot of couples don't do that often enough (or at all), especially when there is a new little one in the picture! Good for you guys.