Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Protocol

I'm hoping things go better this cycle. This is what we're doing differently:

I had an endometrial biopsy done.
They put me on Folgard because I tested + for MTHFR.
They put me on baby aspirin earlier in the cycle.
DH and I are both doing a round of antibiotics (Azithromycin) just in case there are any underlying infections.
We are doing 2 estrogen tablets a day from the day of ER.
We're doing Assisted Hatching (along with the ICSI that we were already doing.)

I'll be doing the Microdose Lupron protocol.

Friday, August 1st - take last birth control pill.
Monday, August 4th - Ultrasound, bloodwork, and start Lupron (twice a day)
Wednesday, August 6th - Start Bravelle (300 units) and Menopur (75 units) twice a day

ER would be sometime mid-August.


Suzanne said...

Yeah!! How do you feel about the new protocol and the changes? They look like good changes that make sense to me.

Boo said...
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Lost in Space said...

I'm glad you had the additional testing and have some modifications to your cycle. I really hope that one of them is the one to help push you into that +++ pee stick. (:

I can't believe you are starting again already!! Maybe cycling without me this go round will be your good luck charm. LOL. All my best on your new cycle.

Wendy said...

Brenda - I can't quite believe we're cycling again right now, either. I felt like it would be the easiest time to try it again in terms of my schedule. I'm back to school right after Labor Day. I'm not sure if I'm quite there mentally; I guess I'll get there.