Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our first appointment

The agency called us yesterday and left a message. I called them back today and set up an appointment for a consult. It's next Tuesday!

What questions should we ask?

I have lots of adoption books here at home. I'm going to start going through them tonight. (I've been reading mostly memoir-style books about adoption, but I'll pull out the informational books, too.)

When I made the call I was so nervous! I had butterflies in my stomach! This is such a big exciting step for us.


Lost in Space said...

Aside from the basics like how the process works, timeframe, number of placements, etc., I'm pretty much clueless. (:

I'm so happy that you are excited and hope this appointment goes great. I wish only the best for you.

Tara said...

I have no advice to offer on questions you should ask. The main think I would ask is how long does the birth mother have to change her mind. That's my biggest concern with domestic adoption.

Other than that - all I can say is - YOU GO GIRL! I am so pumped for you!

Jen said...

No advice, just some good vibes!

Misty River said...

Wendy this is great news! I'm really excited about your next step. I hope everything goes well at your meeting.

Chelle said...

Good Luck Wendy!

Jessica said...

Ask about open adoption and begin discussing the concept with your husband. We were totally against open adoption when we began but our agency only worked with couples willing to have a completely open adoption, so we went along with it just to get "in." However, after reading and attending some seminars, we began to see the benefits of it. Now we are HUGE advocates for open adoption and LOVE, LOVE having our daughter's birth family in our life.

Congratulations by the way on taking this step. I know from experience that it's not an easy one to take, but it is exciting because you know at some point, you will be parents.

Blessings to you and your husband!!!

Karen said...

You got some great suggestions, (besides Ethans - "Hey Ethan, bite me!"). One thing to ask about is the money part of this. Find out what the payment process is & when payments are due, remimbursements etc.
Go ahead & ask about homestudy agencies & who to contact. You can start gathering documents now so that it doesn't all seem so overwhelming, even though it is.
Good Luck! Let us know how it goes!

Tara said...

I think your appointment is tomorrow with the agency - GOOD LUCK! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

My Franks said...

Hi I just found your blog as I was researching IVF. Congratulations on the adoption front. I will never forget the feeling we had when we walked out of the agency- After all the research I had done the one thing I did not really learn about untill too late was that their are very unethical agencies out there. I was naive and thought that if they were nonprofit I would be good to go. Wrong. So my adoption advice for you would be to check out this yahoo group to research any agency you may be interested in:
I wish you good luck- Please feel free to ask me anything!

Polly Gamwich said...

Soooo looking forward to hearing about the appointment!!

Update, update!