Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Steve said he's giving me 5 minutes on the computer and then he wants me back on the couch :)

They transferred our one little 8 cell embryo. It had started to fragment but the doctor said it's possible for it to correct itself once it's inside me. As my husband reminded me, 3 "perfect" embryos decided to not implant last time, so maybe this one will.

They'll check my estrogen and progesterone on Thursday (of this week) but I won't have a beta pg test until June 28th.


Lost in Space said...

"Perfect" is overrated anyway, right? (: I'm so glad your transfer went well and think Steve is doing a great job keeping you resting.

Lots of positive thoughts coming your way!!

Polly Gamwich said...

And so it begins.

Wendy, I so pray this is the one (ha!) for you!

And I hear you about getting in trouble with the DH about internet time ... who, us? obsessive infertiles? no, never! tee hee *blush*

Suzanne said...

I have every finger and toe crossed for you!

Get some rest and think good thoughts!

Jill said...

Good luck Wendy! I hope this little bean continues to grow and thrive!!

Christi said...

Good Luck! I'm cheering your embie on!!

shawna said...

I am sure that this one is perfectly imperfect! I will have you in my prayers.