Monday, June 16, 2008

Transfer tomorrow!

We got the call - our embryo made it through the night and is at 4 cells. We're doing a transfer tomorrow!
Could I be any happier?

(Well, ask me in 2 weeks!!!)


shawna said...

I will be praying for your one little embie that could!

Polly Gamwich said...

Yay! Wendy ... what wonderful news! I can't wait to see you even happier in 2 weeks!

Hugs (and kisses ... with such great news and all),

Suzanne said...

That is awesome!!!

Joanna said...

Lots of positive thoughts are going your way!


Wendy said...

Thank you, Shawna, Polly, Suzanne, and Joanna!

Lost in Space said...

I am so happy to hear this, Wendy!!! Wooo Hooo!!

More positive thoughts coming your way. Grow little embie, grow!!

WinterWheat said...

Just found your blog. Keeping my fingers crossed that the little one sticks--all it takes is one!! XXXXX

I'm going through IVF this month too. I'll find out tomorrow if I have enough follicles to avoid cancellation; if I do, retrieval will be scheduled for Monday.

Hang in there... many people have told me that the next 2 weeks are the hardest part. ((((hugs))))


Chelle said...

That's wonderful! Hang in there little embie!! BE STRONG!!