Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today's appointment

Well, somehow I appear to have misplaced a follicle. They counted 8 today and somehow counted 9 yesterday. Not sure what happened - maybe one was counted twice yesterday?

I didn't have any growth on the left side at all. Is this normal? (Of course, I'm freaking out a little bit...)

The right had growth - up to 17, 17, 14, and 18.

My estrogen was 1686 and my progesterone was 1.4. I have to go back in tomorrow morning for another u/s and bw. Does anyone know what my progesterone should be at this point? I forgot to ask.

I am feeling pretty full right now - I hope ER is soon.

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Lost in Space said...

Wendy~I mentioned in our BG too, but just wondering if it was the same person taking measurements for you.

I hope you have a nice surprise tomorrow with extra growth on the left side.

You are getting so close.