Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday's Appointment

Brenda asked me if I had different ultrasound techs doing the u/s yesterday and the day before. I know yesterday I had 2 different people doing the u/s - the one person is the regular tech. The other person is new and being trained for IVF. I get the impression she's done ultrasounds before, just not for in-vitro. She started on her own and wrote down the measurements. When the regular tech checked the numbers against the day before, she found that the newest numbers were smaller.

The regular tech re-did the u/s and used her numbers on the report. I think she tends to measure all the way to the very edge of the follicle, where the newer tech wasn't doing that.

I had the regular tech do an u/s today - and ALL IS WELL! I was worrying for nothing!

Right: 23 20 17 16
Left: 20 19 18 17 16 and 10.

So I'm up to 10 and at least 4 less than 10...yay! I'm feeling better about things.

Just got the call: Egg Retrieval will be at 9am on Saturday (have to be there at 8:30am.) Trigger shot tonight at 9pm.


Suzanne said...

Phew! That's a relief! I'm hoping for lots of eggs at ER!!

seriously? said...

Oh that sounds good! I will be thinking about you this weekend!

Lost in Space said...

Sounds great, Wendy!! You should have a great batch ready on Saturday. Everything crossed for you!!

Chelle said...

I keep checking your updates. Good luck tomorrow!