Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fertilization Report

We got our fert report: 3 of them are at 4 cells, 1 is at 3 cells, and 2 are at 2 cells. The embryologist is going to look at them tomorrow and if they do assisted hatching, they will do the transfer tomorrow at 4pm.

Otherwise, we're looking at a transfer on Saturday.

I think I'm almost hoping for the assisted hatching and the transfer tomorrow. We've never had the AH done before, so maybe that would be what we need.


Lost in Space said...

Awesome report, Wendy!! I'll be looking for your update tomorrow. AH on a 3-day or waiting for a 5-day are both great options to have. Everything crossed for you!!!

I'm back online at home again so I can stop stalking your email from work. *wink*

Dee said...

I'm so excited for you. Fantastic report!! I have everything crossed!!!

Christi said...

awesome! GOOD LUCK!

Chelle said...

Great! I'll keep my finger's crossed for AH. I'm so thrilled for you!!