Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our Transfer is Today!

Well, the nurse called. Our transfer will be today at 4pm. I have to be there at 3:30pm. My mom is going to drive me to the appointment since I won't be able to drive home. (They will give me Valium so I'm relaxed during the transfer.) Steve is going to meet us there since it's on his way home from work. Then I'll drive home with him afterwards.

We have 2 embryos at 6 cells and 1 at 5 cells. They are doing assisted hatching on those before they transfer them.

We have 3 others that are at 4 cells. The nurse said their quality wasn't so great.

I'll try to post at some point, but I know Steve is going to be watching me like a hawk and making sure that I stay on the couch or in bed! :)

Thanks to everyone for checking in on us...I appreciate it so much.


stacey (CardsfanSM on the Nest) said...

Good luck today!! I hope the assisted hatching does the trick for you:o)

Wendy said...


Misty River said...

Good luck Wendy!! Your little embabies are probably placed by now!!