Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I know I haven't posted in a few days. I wasn't sure what to write. Our beta is next Tuesday (my first day back to work after summer vacation.) I'm nervous and anxious. It's hard to wait.

It's been really hard. Steve and I have been doing our best to hang in there, but it's been so stressful. He's a great listener, but he wants to fix everything and he can't. I know it's hard on him,too.

I'm just worried. I'm really emotional -- I can't help it. We've been through so much up until now. I would love to hear some good news on Tuesday.

I wish I knew what was going to happen.


Karen said...

Waiting is torture. I wish I could say something to make it better, but I was awful at it too. I'm hoping so hard that you get great news on Tuesday.

Lost in Space said...

Sending lots of love and hugs your way, Wendy. This is probably the hardest part of this process and I wish I could speed it up for you. I am so hoping and praying that Tuesday brings you the best news yet.

Let it all out anytime, emotions and all. We are here to listen.

Amy said...

Wendy...I know the waiting is torture. Today is my beta day and I just had my blood drawn. I'm SO nervous, but excited to!

I'm sending lots of ((HUGS)) and love and good wishes your way. I hope Tuesday turns out to be a VERY good day!

hopefaithlove said...

I hate the waiting, I feel like I am waiting to O waiting to test it is crazy. I am sending lots of positive vibes to you! And praying this is YOUR cycle!!!

Hear My Cry said...

I have just come across your blog. I look forward to reading about your journey. Know that I am praying that this month is THE month for you!

Misty River said...

Oh Wendy...I hope you can find something to occupy yourself and make time go faster. It's awful wishing long weekends away isn't it? I spent the last two plus years wishing time away in two week increments.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. I hope that your dream is realized.

In the meantime, rent Sex in the City or something non-maternal to divert your attention!!

Jill said...

The waiting is definitely the hardest part of the IVF cycle, IMO. Wishing you all kinds of luck for a great beta on Tuesday!

Jill said...

I just found your blog today. I can't wait to find out the results on Tuesday. Hang in there. My heart is very much into this because my daughter in law just had her in-vitro work after 2 that didn't. I have kept track of her story on my blog. If you are interested just look at the titles under August. Scroll down to the first part of August when the post is titled "Tomorrow is the day". She will have her 3d Beta this Tues and the ultrasound this Wednesday. I will be waiting in the parking lot (she said I could) and I will film the results as she tells me.
Best of everything to you. I'll be thinking of you. Glad I found your blog.

Miah said...

I hope this next week goes by so fast for you Wendy. We all hate the waiting. I will keep you in my thoughts. Hang in there.