Thursday, August 21, 2008

We're home

We just got home. We transferred 3 embryos. They were graded B- and had 10-15% fragmentation. On the bright side, the assisted hatching worked.

I'm headed to the couch now. :)


Lost in Space said...

Rest up, Wendy and let those little embies figure out where they want to stick. (:

I'm so glad all went well and that they were able to do the AH.

Lots of positive thoughts and hugs coming your way.

Polly Gamwich said...

What wonderful news ... though I haven't been as active, I have been following your cycle and praying for you!

I hope this is it!!

Rest up mama!

Karen said...

Take care of yourself Wendy and give those embies time to settle in. Three is a great number! I'm glad the assisted hatching worked. I'll be thinking of you during the next two weeks and sending positive thoughts your way.

WaterBishop said...

take care and rest. I am glad things worked out well and hope to hear good news soon.

JenM said...

Enjoy your bedrest, I hope those embies stick!